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Each quarter in 2022, 360 Market Reach (now Leger) conducts a consumer sentiment study to gauge how consumers feel in three crucial categories: life overall, health and wellness, and travel. Given the rapid changes associated with the pandemic, we've also included questions regarding how consumers feel about their financial planning and stability.

Through quantitative surveys of 1,000 U.S. consumers, age 18 and over, we gather essential data. Then, our team of market researchers evaluates and analyzes the data to reveal the most current consumer sentiments and behaviors. Our expertise in these categories enables us to offer unique perspectives and informed insights that not only help direct our research, but also provide your business with a plan you can use to adjust your quarterly strategies. Each quarter throughout 2022, we have revealed how consumer sentiment evolves and how it could shape consumer behavior moving forward.

2022 Consumer Sentiment - Q4

Consumer optimism slowly declined as inflation remained high, but there are areas of opportunity. Key findings include:

  • Overall optimism decreased in 2022  from 69% in Q1 to 58% in Q4.
  • Optimism in the category of health & wellness dropped slightly, but consumers are still looking for ways to maintain health on a budget.
  • Consumers remain committed to affordable travel.
  • Not surprisingly, consumer optimism around finances dropped from 64% in Q1 to 48% in Q4.

In summary, the challenging economy remains a concern for consumers as we head into next year. To learn more, download the full report.

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